Chromatic Play Me
Chromatic Play Me–tine Bech Studio
Chromatic Play Me–tine Bech Studio Chromatic Play Me–tine Bech Studio1 Chromatic Play Me–tine Bech Studio2 Chromatic Play Me–tine Bech Studio3 Chromatic Play Me–tine Bech Studio4 Chromatic Play Me–tine Bech Studio5 Chromatic Play Me–tine Bech Studio7
About the artwork

Interactive Playable Light Installation, 2010-2016

Several light sculptures are illuminated from the inside. Glowing, they invite you to interact and change their colour.

Each light creature is fitted with a receiver that reacts to visitors’ ‘power of colour’ – using fun remote controls audiences can change the colours of the individual light sculptures, play colour battles or create your own colour schemes.

The light creatures design reinforces a sense that the object is sentient, that is it is listening and watching as it pulses and glows.

Chromatic Play Me is designed with a different audience interfaces using remote controls and PIR sensors. The work invite the audience to have colour battles and control the individual sculptures using specially designed remote controls.

Programmed by Louis Christodoulou.


Banbury Museum, UK 2016

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