Reflecting You
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Refecting You Tinebech1 Refecting You Tinebech2 Refecting You Tinebech3 Refecting You Tinebech5 Refecting You Tinebech4 Refecting You Tinebech6 Refecting You Tinebech7
About the artwork

A malleable site-specific installation which reflect the audience and its environment

“Life is probably round,” Van Gogh once wrote when contemplating religion and science in a letter, “and yet, despite agreeing that the earth is round, some people think that life is flat – a linear line from birth to death” (Vincent van Gogh, 1888).

Reflecting You is a site-specific installation which reflect the audience and its environment. The installation continues Tine Bech’s fascination with everything round. She writes: there is an essential roundness in life’s building blocks from electrons to our planet. Photos of our planet taken from the moon are one of the most iconic images of the last century. Seeing ourselves from outer space – seeing our planet floating in the universe – gave us a new perspective on ourselves.

Perhaps roundness helps us understand ourselves. ‘Reflecting you’ reflects you – the viewer – but also what is around it.

Photos by Stu Allsopp and Tine Bech


Broadgate – British Land, 2017.
Banbury Museum, UK 2016.

What people said

It’s brilliant (literally) and wonderful. Do try to get to see it.
-Stu Allsopp ‏

Just fantastic! Really enlightening and inspiring.
-Audience at ‘Light Play’, Solo exhibition, Banbury Museum

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