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About the artwork

Interactive light installation & Permanent Public Art.
Commissioned by UCA, Crafts Study Centre and the Farnham Maltings.

Tracing Light is an interactive installation that lights up The Farnham Malting’s pedestrian bridge. As pedestrian’s walk across the bridge a ripple of colour will appear. The work is designed with sustainable LED street lighting and is one of the first LED interactive street light installations. Each day at sunset and dawn, this permanent interactive light Installation, plays a spectrum of colours to reflect the beautiful light changes of sunrise and sunset.

The artwork transformed a popular walking route over the River Wey with new LED street lights and a subtle interactive light design.

As part of the commission, a light trail ran between key cultural venues in Farnham. On the opening night over 150 people joined the light trail, which began at the Crafts Study Centre and culminated at the light bridge. On completing the light trail, members of the public were invited to a light graffiti workshop creating their own light messages.


Farnham Creates, Surrey, UK, 2008.

What people said

Tracing Light is a creative installation improving the appearance of a sensitive site and engages with multiple audiences. The project has been a resounding success, quickly entering the growing body of work in the public realm in Farnham with an innovative distinction.
-Professor Simon Olding, Director, Crafts Study Centre, University for the Creative Arts

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