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Rainbow Makers featured in article about the potential of Culture of Lates

Nick Stockman from Culture24’s has written an article on ‘Culture of Lates’ which features Rainbow Makers by Tine Bech Studio. Rainbow Makers is a game that literally illuminating museums and galleries in order to shine a new light of its collections, spaces and histories. The game is intuitive and collaborative and encourages visitors to a museum or gallery to explore and engage with specific art works in an inspiring new way in order to achieve a collective vision: the creation of a digital rainbow which takes form simultaneously both in-venue and online.

Producer Nick Stockman’s article Dusk til Dawn article, published in the Attraction Management Website, explores the development of lates at museums, galleries, profits cultural attractions, F&B providers, high street retailers and the huge potential of night-time events.

Experiences are made more memorable by participation – the act of doing leaves a lasting impression on the psyche.

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