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REACT Play Sandbox commission


Tine Bech and Seth Giddings have been awarded Play Sandbox funding for Light Bug.

Light Bug is a digitally enhanced set of swings, exploring how imaginary and physical play meet in the digital playground of the future. Working with light, rhythm and sound they will create an intuitive space where children can battle one another, perform and participate, playing together in both new and familiar ways.

Tine is working with PlayAlive, a Danish company that specialise in the development of interactive technology for play equipment.

Play Sandbox is a programme that support six collaborations to develop new products or services for children. It has been designed to bring together companies, young people and academic researchers to develop prototypes that mobilise play in new and transformative ways. These can be games, connected objects, the dynamics of social, and knowledge platforms will be combined in new formations. Our teams will foreground the design of the experience over the technology.

REACT funds collaborations between arts and humanities researchers and creative companies. These collaborations champion knowledge exchange, cultural experimentation and the development of innovative digital technologies in the creative economy.

Play Sandbox is produced by iShed, part of Watershed on behalf of REACT.

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