Research & Development

Dr. Tine Bech research explores playful culture and how to develop and design interactive and playable spaces where the human experience is central.

In her PhD research ‘Playful interactions: A Critical Inquiry into Interactive Art and Play‘ Tine developed a model for making playful interactive artworks and the creation of a ‘vocabulary of play’ to demonstrate the different kinds of play initiated, contributing to debates about the design and implementation of increasingly interactive and ‘smart’ environments. 

The model consists of a series of tangible making gambits (tactics) for eliciting playful interactions from the audience. Using practice-based research methods four artworks were created and presented in several exhibitions.

Underpinning the process of creating conditions and possibilities for playful interaction were methods of observation that enabled improvement of the artworks throughout the research process.

Here are some more Research & Development projects what I have did

A Research Project

A lot of reseraching and development going on here

A Research Project

A lot of reseraching and development going on here

A Research Project

A lot of reseraching and development going on here

Read about upcoming projects and about those we are researching

Upcoming projects

European Culture City, Aarhus 2017 and the Danish Embassy, London, November 2017: We believe – an interactive project that’s spans two cities.

British Land – exhibition at Broadgate, London, Feb to April 2017: Technology and You – an exhibition that explores technology and art.

Projects we are researching 

Images and text of projects

Image + Rainbow Makers is an intuitive, collaborative game played at museums and galleries. It is an inventive, participatory experience for visitors to explore and engage with the venues’ collections in order to achieve a collective vision: the creation of a digital rainbow which takes form simultaneously both in-venue and online.

Image + Whispering Clouds – an exciting project with numerous large physical clouds suspended in space, creating a unique local communication network within the context of a living artwork.

Whispering Clouds makes you look up, it makes you connect in a different way to the place you are in

Image Rainbow tunnel – a project that will transform previously odious tunnels into playful welcoming spaces

Image Cites in Colour is a project that will inject play making into the city’s dark walkways and alleys by inviting people to collect the colours of the rainbow and create selfies online ‘Rainbow City’

This is some of Tine’s current research interest: 

This is likely too long too wordy… but lets find a visual way to communicate. I can cut down in the fine tunings

Future Cities – Playable Cities

Creating open public spaces that allows the unexpected to take place

Creating social places that connect us – locally and internationally

Interactive environment and social behaviour

How can artist and designer work with social behaviour through playful, digital and sculptural art

How can we create human centred spaces – not technological driven environments

How to turn complicated things into playful things

Play and Culture

The development of playful cultures and technology

Why do we play (the inexplicable of play’s irrational joy)

What makes us play (in particular the invitation to play)

Risk and Play

Digital & Physical & Social

What are the fine art, games, and design – are they really different? How can we collaborate across definitions of disciplines How can we create new forms of culture?

Digital is Physical but is it Social? (Do we need an app for everything?)