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SIGGRAPH Art Gallery and Artist Talk

Tine Bechs work Echidna – a new version made in collaboration with PhD student Tom Frame University from Surrey‘s Surrey Space Centre will be shown at SIGGRAPH Art gallery exhibition TouchPoint: The Haptic Exchange Between Digits

Reception Tuesday, 27 July, 2-3:30 pm:
Celebrate the intersection of art and technology in TouchPoint: Haptic Exchange Between Digits and the Special Issue of Leonardo. Talk with the artists, designers, and Art Papers authors about their work. And meet the members of the SIGGRAPH 2010 committee who organised this year’s Art Gallery.

See the work exhibited in TouchPoint SIGGRAPH Art Gallery in a special issue of MIT Press’s Leonardo.

Artist presentation at the Studio 28 July at 10.45 am:
The Studio is the place for making and creating at SIGGRAPH 2010. It is an amazing space where the latest technologies, experts, and attendees are brought together to create new works, experiment, and collaborate.

SIGGRAPH 2010 The 37th international Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Technologies July 22 – 29th 2010 Los Angeles Convention Center, California, USA

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