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We make

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Projects that create connections between people, places and objects

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Art that activate public spaces

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Stunning light installations

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Playable Cities projects that explore how culture, technology and play can shape the future of our cities.

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Digital projects that are defined by both a strong visual and sculptural presence


Participation playful interactions and social game making

vInteractive projects that work in both public commercial spaces and cultural spaces

Interactive projects that work in both public commercial spaces and cultural spaces


Projects that surprises and intrigues audiences


Work that invites both adults and children to play


Artworks that can be enjoyed irrespective of whether there are one or more people participating


Interfaces that are easy to navigate but still allow for spontaneity


Invitations to play that bridge the gap between active and passive participation.

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Tine is a leading light in a new wave of artists whose currency is experience, shared and celebrated. She has the potential to create experiences where participation, interaction and sharing have impacts on people and places that revitalize civic life.

— Prof Jonathan Dovey, Digital Cultures Research Centre.

Tine Bech Studio merge art and design with the digital language of technology and participation to create public art, light art, interactive installations, sculptures and games. Tine Bech Studio merges art and design with cutting-edge technologies and play to create stunning public art artworks and socially interactive places.

Projects are underpinned by research and a theoretical framework for designing engagement and reflecting on audience behaviour, as well as a robust approach to evaluation. 

Our interactive art and installations actively engages to create positive interaction. We know from our research that there are certain things that play does for us. One of the most important things is that, from an academic point of view, it enables us to be emotionally intelligent. When we play, we learn how to be with other people, how to socialise, we learn to connect, so it has the ability to develop social bonds and create a sense of belonging. Play rewards us with joy and promotes empathy. Now, more than ever, we need to promote compassion between people.

We believe that play is important to society as a whole. In today’s culture we think of play as “silly” and see it as opposite to the seriousness of work, whereas in fact the opposite of play is not work, but depression.

See more about our thinking and impact in Our Research and Our Reach.

See what Tine is inspired by and why she became an artist.

People, play, places and technology inspire me.

Dr Tine Bech is a multidisciplinary artist with a PhD in Play Theory and Interactive Art, a Masters in Sculpture and a BA in Painting. She has extensive practical and theoretical experience in activating public spaces as well as designing for human interaction and understanding why we play. She creates innovative, interactive art, and designs eloquent, playful and meaningful artworks in the public realm and for galleries and museums. She was born in Aarhus, Denmark, and now lives in London and works internationally.

‘We create unique experiences for people by using our behaviours and social abilities, technology and materials,’ says Bech, who has developed a model for creating a new type of art, placing the audience’s experience at its centre. ‘I think art is actually a collective, social, experience,’ she adds.

More about Tine and her work

See Research


Dr Tine Bech’s research transforms environments and human behaviour through the creative possibilities of play and innovative use of technology.

Commissions and Exhibitions

Our work has been presented in numerous museums and venues, as well as many other public sites and contexts, both in the UK and internationally.

Speaker engagements

Tine gives talks on a range of subjects including why play matters, cultures at play, creating social and public spaces, future cities, human interaction and automated environments.

Alan Gemmell

Tine Bech makes digital rainbows out of darkness

- Alan Gemmell, British Council.
Victoria Tillotson

"Tine is renowned for her amazing public artworks that pop up in unexpected places. From bridges that light up as people pass over them, to live events where communities swim in clouds of Olympic colours, to battles on bikes, her works actively challenge our common assumptions about art, public space and participation.

- Victoria Tillotson iShed Producer, Watershed.
Mathias Poulsen

The work Tine Bech Studio is doing with light, architecture & play is just astonishing

-Mathias Poulsen CounterPlay
Donna Lynas

Tine creates a democratic space that allows sculpture and audience to hold the same value and significance so that one cannot be fully appreciated or understood without the interaction of the other.

– Donna Lynas, Director, Wysing Arts
rainbow maker

It is the kind of interactive event or game that makes you feel closer to complete strangers. It brings the good in everyone out and shows we still play as adults

-Alejandro Aspinwall, Doctoral Researcher about Rainbow Maker
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Some of the organisations which have commissioned or presented our work

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