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Tine Bech lecture at Bath School of Art & Design

Tine Bech delivered a lecture about her sculptural work tonight at Bath Spa University in the School of Art and Design. Her fascinating talk detailed how her work explores simplicity, interactivity and intuitiveness, using colour in a bold and striking way. Tine engages with technology when she needs to, as opposed to because she has to. Tine’s artworks bring pleasure and delight to the audience as they experience them, touching, moving and playing.

Tine was delighted to see her talk announced by posters made up by BA Graphic Communication students Sebastian Ingham and Will Harvey. In homage to the work that Tine has done, Sebastian made a series of printed balloons showing the date of the lecture and Will made a lit up poster, drilling in plywood.

Catch Me Now by Tine Bech will be showing at Illuminate Bath 2012, by Bath Abbey. For this installation, previously shown at the Science museum and never before shown outdoors, she worked with Tarim, a technologist, programmer and juggler based in the Pervasive Media Studio in Bristol. A coloured spotlight will react to the audience as they chase it, growing and shrinking. This simple moving shape takes on a life of its own as the audience applies their own meaning to what it is doing.

Text by Arilda Tymko
Photos by Anthony Head and Tine Bech

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