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Watermans Art Centre Exhibition

Watermans Art Centre
1 September – 22 October 2010
Private View: 15 Sep

Unleashed Devices is a group exhibition bringing together recently developed DIY, hacking and Floss (Free/libre/open source software) projects by artists who explore technologies and new media critically and creatively and challenge our understandings of technology.
The artists on show engage with the deluge of new technologies online, mobile devices, gadgets and toys, and hardware/software hacking and circuit-bent instruments become the site of productive creation. Everyday electronic devices become deconstructed, remixed and reinvented; they are given a new lease of life. The craft element in DIY media becomes the intimate connection between artist/designer and outcome/end product as artists reveal technologies to the public and the power of DIY modes of tools, communities and sharing as forms of social reflection and participation.

Works in the show include playful installations, interactive electronics-sculptures, movement tracking artworks, coding and hardware projects which have either been built using free software, or have been created by modifying an existing devise to produce a hybrid mutilation or a completely new device in their own right.

The exhibition will be the leading event of the nodel ( autumn season in London focusing on DIY media in an exciting opportunity to explore the aesthetics and ethics of DIY culture as well as bring together an exchange and sharing of knowledge and skills.
Additional events include a series of OpenLab DIY workshops at SPACE ( and DIY instrument performances at A10 Lab ( The workshops and performances will offer learning and participatory opportunities to wider audiences in association with the exhibition at Watermans.

The exhibition is curated by Watermans (Irini Papadimitriou) and Tint Arts.

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