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Shine Your Colours
Shine Your Colours, Glass Installation By Tine Bech Studio
Shine Your Colours, Glass Installation By Tine Bech Studio
About the artwork

Glass installation 2021. Originally commissioned by Canary Wharf, Public Art, Events.

Shine your Colours is a multifaceted artwork that allows visitors to see themselves and the world through different colours. The installation consists of transparent coloured glass panels – composed to create a social space focusing on colour and wellbeing, where people can meet and reflect.

Shine your Colours celebrates people – visitors will see themselves and friends in colour. The whole environment invites people to take photos of themselves and friends and to share on social media. The installation deliberately makes use of our contemporary social media behaviours, in particular, the use of selfies as a way to communicate.

The work bring us together safely for a collective positive experiences that contributes to a sense of enjoyment. A place where different generations can come together. Where friends can meet up and create new memories.


Summer Lights, Canary Wharf, London, 2021.

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